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About Me

Husband, Father, Musician, Pastor,  Techy, and most importantly,

a Follower of Christ.
My wife Kristi has always been beside me. She is the one and only love of my life and the reason that I have anything good(aside from God's grace). We have four kids, two dogs, two cats, and not enough room! 

My passion is harnessing and unleashing the power of technology to help people connect with God and one another in relevant, fresh, and life-changing ways. I have been leading worship and in bands for 25 years. Music is such an important gift that God has given to the world. My purpose is to teach and train churches and businesses how to use their equipment to the maximum of its capability. If you have an AVL system that is in need of adjusting, tweaking, or an intentional design, let's talk! 


Bachelors of Science

in Youth and Family Ministry 

Louisville, Ky

Skills & Accomplishments

  • Over 20 years of Guitar Playing, Worship Leading, and Tech Experience

  • Over 15 Years of Paid Church Staff Ministry Experience


  • Designed, installed, and implemented multiple sound systems

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